Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

“Boasting an unbelievable staff, on point attitude, a cool, relaxing and ‘right at home’ atmosphere and tastefully decorated location, there’s nothing about Urban Skin Care that one wouldn’t appreciate.”

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Love Is In The Air

This year with Valentine’s Day being during the work week, most of us are going to celebrate the weekend prior. Let us help you prepare for a perfect day:

Make It A Whole Day

You could have breakfast in bed, go for a romantic walk, explore a new town – really make a day out of it and have lots of fun. Maybe you are the kind of people that like to do things that are a little different. There isn’t anything to say you can’t spend Valentine’s day skydiving or go to the zoo! Now that Larissa and Erin have kids, they are always involved. Which starts with the kids making cards for our husbands and helping to make that breakfast.

Plan A Nice Meal

A nice meal usually comes as standard for Valentine’s day. Maybe this could be at your favorite restaurant, or you could really go all out and cook something for your partner. If you do plan to stay at home and make dinner. Try to still get your babysitter. Nothing is going to change the romance more than you children getting out of bed to see what you’re up to.

Make Sure You Look And Feel Your Best

Looking and feeling your best is nice at any time of year, but if you want to make this day super special, make sure you make an effort for it. The way we look can automatically impact the way we feel. This means that if you spend a little extra time beautifying yourself and getting ready, you’re going to feel incredible. This will definitely have an impact on your day and night! This can start with your facial and waxing needs that we can assist in and move into finding the perfect outfit for day and night! Erin loves to hit up Bloomingdales for her day and night outfits. Larissa loves to prep her skin with an Epicuren peel to have that silky skin all day.

However you celebrate your Valentine’s Day, make sure you feel your best from the inside out!


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