Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break Essentials

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Spring Break Essentials


This year, we really have had a winter and have been hidden under layers of clothing, it can be hard to remember what glowing skin looks like. Let’s get that glow back for spring break. Here’s are our top spring break essentials:

Before your Trip:

Get a facial fix.

Even though it’s a great way to get a pre-vacation glow, booking time in the treatment room can fall to the bottom of a long list of things to do before a vacation. If you have to forego a facial at the spa, an at-home facial kit inspired by the professionals will help give your skin the boost it needs. With an exfoliating facial, all it takes is 10 minutes to revive and reveal fresh skin. Try adding Epicuren Pumpkin Peel or Microderm scrub to your regimen the week before to start that vacation glow

Plan ahead, save your skin.

So many times, we hear from clients who have just come back from a relaxing vacation, their oily skin is out of control or their breakouts are back, our first question is always, “What did you use while you were away?” More often than not, they forgot to pack their skin care essentials, and instead had to use the one-size-fits-all amenities that were provided to them while they were gone. Save your skin the SOS, and pack travel size of your daily skin care products so your skin stays in balance and healthy no matter where you are. While we’re talking essentials, don’t leave home without Elizabeth Arden’s Triple Factor SPF

During your Trip:

Head to Toe Protection:

Aviators — they’re the ultimate spring break accessory! They protect your eyes from that ray of sun and prevent you from scrunching those eyes that create fine lines around your eyes.

Lip and Body Balms — take at least two with good SPF. Trust us, sunburnt lips aren’t fun. Epicuren Lip Balm are our favorite because they have SPF and feels so amazing when you have it on! We love Sun Bum body sunscreen for total protection.

Supplies for Downtime— Get that iphone loaded with your favorite music and/or find that amazing book that you have been dying to read or listen to this past few months since starting classes again.

Two Piece — It’s the Spring Break classic. We are in love with Everything But Water lines. When you find the perfect one, it makes the whole vacation complete.

We can’t wait to hear about all your spring break vacation plans when you come in for your next visit.

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